November 9, 2010

The Costs Of Hiring A Cincinnati Private Investigator

"What?  You charge how much for surveillance?"  This is the typical response our PI agency gets when consulting with a new client.  Let's look at this question.  Is getting case closure for our clients always cheap?  No.  Are our prices fair and consistent with the industry?  Yes.  Of course we've all heard the old saying, "You get what you pay for."  Well, the truth is, you do. We would love to do surveillance and investigative work for free or next to nothing because we love what we do and enjoy helping people.  The truth is, our clients usually don't understand the costs required for our agency to do this type of work.

When performing surveillance work, most PI agencies utilize at least two investigators.  We have found this to be the most efficient and successful approach.  One car tailing a suspect puts us at a much greater risk of being spotted by our target.  There are also equipment costs and like any other business, over head, service charges, and miscellaneous expenses - daily, weekly and monthly.  Know up front that it will cost you some money to hire a private investigator but also know that you are paying for a service.  You are paying for your peace of mind and in some cases, your safety.

Let's look at a cheating spouse case as an example.  Should you or your friends follow them and conduct your own investigation and surveillance?  Well, I usually answer that with, "Am I going to let my buddy who has no experience or training remove my wisdom teeth?"  The short answer is no.  The longer answer is he is not qualified, he is not licensed, he is a liability, he is not insured, he is breaking the law and will surely cost me more money and headache down the road.  It may seem like an extreme analogy but it's a valid one never the less.

Our agency will work with you.  We want to help you but you should be aware that it will cost you some money because it costs us money to help you.  Don't expect to be over charged or hit with outrageous costs but expect to pay for a service at the going rate within the industry.  Our investigators did not get into this business solely for the money.  In fact, remembering our early conversations when discussing opening the company, most of us were talking about our talents, background, skills, experience and sincere interest in being a productive team that provided honest and top notch customer service. We have achieved that. We stand behind that, take pride in that, and use that as our motivator.  We are doing what we love and we are among the best that do it.  Is it free?  No.  Is it reasonable?  No question.  We understand the cost concerns to our clients but we believe in open doors and straight forward conversations.  Contact us and see that for yourself.  Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC - leading you to the answers.

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