January 29, 2011

Indiana & Ohio Background/Pre-Employment Check Investigators - Frontline Investigations

It is never pleasant to discover the hard way that one of your employees has a criminal record. Instead of acquiring this knowledge by discovering embezzled funds or damaged property, why not hire a reliable background check company?

Widely recognized as a trend setter in its field, Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC, an Indiana-based private investigation agency, has been assisting small businesses and large corporations with their background and pre-employment screening for years.

In addition, our experts in criminal record investigation can cover every detail of your potential candidate while doing a background check through sophisticated solutions such as Identitrace® and Identicheck®. These tools help identify the real social security number of the applicant and help confirm the candidate's identity. Identicheck® helps confirm former employers. Furthermore, our agency has the expertise to track down every felony, misdemeanor, arrest, and even pending trial of the candidate while conducting a criminal record investigation. In addition, Frontline Investigations can ascertain if a candidate is authorized to work in the United States. Covering as many as 46 states, the criminal record investigations conducted by our leading background check company are thorough and comprehensive.

With all the information available these days, ignorance about a potential employee's background is no longer considered a defense. At the same time, conducting a criminal record investigation can be costly and time consuming, especially if the investigators lack the experience and skills for such a task. Why not, then, hire a firm of background investigators who can not only save you time, but also offer attractive rates while sparing you the trouble of performing a complex job?

For more information on the criminal record investigation experts and top background check professionals at Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC, visit our website or contact our agency to discuss your needs at (800) 975-7130.

January 17, 2011

Indianapolis/Cincinnati Private Investigation - Experienced Surveillance Investigators

Often, surveillance is mistakenly considered an easy task. Surveillance is, in fact, one of the most complicated types of investigations out there. Many private investigators offer surveillance as a service. Factually, very few investigators know how to properly perform surveillance. Here is a list of factors to ask and examine before you hire a surveillance investigator.

1.  License - ask for and verify the investigator’s license. Most states require a license to operate as a private detective. States such as Indiana and Ohio require three years full time experience before one can even apply for a license.

2.  Insurance - verify the investigator has appropriate insurance that covers surveillance investigations.

3.  Equipment - ask the surveillance investigator about their surveillance vehicle and equipment. An experienced investigator will have a bank of equipment and suitable surveillance vehicles.

4.  Associations - a surveillance investigator who belongs to an association usually has more resources, more education, and more experience. Professional associations supply a surveillance investigator with networks, resources, and education.

5.  Experience - this is one of the most important questions. Ask the investigator what surveillance experience he or she has. Ask for examples of cases they have worked. Ask if they have ever lost a subject during surveillance. If an investigator tells you they have never lost someone during a surveillance, they either have no experience or are simply not telling the truth. Many things occur during a surveillance that hamper or stop the surveillance. It is impossible for any experienced surveillance investigator to not have lost a subject during surveillance.

These are just a few things to look at when considering hiring a surveillance investigator. It is equally important that you speak with the investigator. Intuition is a key element when looking into hiring a surveillance investigator. If what the investigator is offering does not sound right, it probably isn't.

Frontline Investigations & Surveillance is a full-service private investigation firm serving clients throughout Indiana and Ohio.  Contact our agency today for your surveillance needs.