November 16, 2010

Surveillance Pays Huge Dividends In Private Investigation Work - Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC

There is nothing a cop, prosecutor, or judge love to hear more than, "I have video."  Video evidence is indisputable.  If it's on video, it is what it is.  More and more people are starting to place video cameras on their property.  Video is a great deterrent too.  If I am thinking about robbing a home or vehicle on a particular street and I see a house with video cameras and one without, which one do you think I'm going to?  You're right, the one without video.  Video is not only a great deterrent, it's a tool law enforcement uses to solve crime.

Your small business has no camera over the register or back stock room - what is to stop your employee from taking a little here and there?  It adds up over time as recent studies have shown.  They say internal loss, meaning the associates of the store, cause more loss than that caused by non-employees.

I have a lot of belongings and enjoy them all but there is no property that comes close to the value of my children.  I do not care how long I know somebody or how much I trust someone.  If my children are left in someone else's care, I want to know what is going on.  "Nanny cams" are perfect and when placed in your home they are hidden.  If all you see is someone taking great care of your home and children - great!  Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC would love to report that positive outcome and give you that peace of mind.  However, if something is not going well - whether it's a person ignoring your child's cry for attention while they sit on the phone chatting, or something more serious - you need to know.  Don't wait until it's too late.  Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail.

Written by Chay Baumer, a licensed private investigator in our Cincinnati PI office.

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