November 16, 2010

Surveillance Pays Huge Dividends In Private Investigation Work - Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC

There is nothing a cop, prosecutor, or judge love to hear more than, "I have video."  Video evidence is indisputable.  If it's on video, it is what it is.  More and more people are starting to place video cameras on their property.  Video is a great deterrent too.  If I am thinking about robbing a home or vehicle on a particular street and I see a house with video cameras and one without, which one do you think I'm going to?  You're right, the one without video.  Video is not only a great deterrent, it's a tool law enforcement uses to solve crime.

Your small business has no camera over the register or back stock room - what is to stop your employee from taking a little here and there?  It adds up over time as recent studies have shown.  They say internal loss, meaning the associates of the store, cause more loss than that caused by non-employees.

I have a lot of belongings and enjoy them all but there is no property that comes close to the value of my children.  I do not care how long I know somebody or how much I trust someone.  If my children are left in someone else's care, I want to know what is going on.  "Nanny cams" are perfect and when placed in your home they are hidden.  If all you see is someone taking great care of your home and children - great!  Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC would love to report that positive outcome and give you that peace of mind.  However, if something is not going well - whether it's a person ignoring your child's cry for attention while they sit on the phone chatting, or something more serious - you need to know.  Don't wait until it's too late.  Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail.

Written by Chay Baumer, a licensed private investigator in our Cincinnati PI office.

November 9, 2010

The Costs Of Hiring A Cincinnati Private Investigator

"What?  You charge how much for surveillance?"  This is the typical response our PI agency gets when consulting with a new client.  Let's look at this question.  Is getting case closure for our clients always cheap?  No.  Are our prices fair and consistent with the industry?  Yes.  Of course we've all heard the old saying, "You get what you pay for."  Well, the truth is, you do. We would love to do surveillance and investigative work for free or next to nothing because we love what we do and enjoy helping people.  The truth is, our clients usually don't understand the costs required for our agency to do this type of work.

When performing surveillance work, most PI agencies utilize at least two investigators.  We have found this to be the most efficient and successful approach.  One car tailing a suspect puts us at a much greater risk of being spotted by our target.  There are also equipment costs and like any other business, over head, service charges, and miscellaneous expenses - daily, weekly and monthly.  Know up front that it will cost you some money to hire a private investigator but also know that you are paying for a service.  You are paying for your peace of mind and in some cases, your safety.

Let's look at a cheating spouse case as an example.  Should you or your friends follow them and conduct your own investigation and surveillance?  Well, I usually answer that with, "Am I going to let my buddy who has no experience or training remove my wisdom teeth?"  The short answer is no.  The longer answer is he is not qualified, he is not licensed, he is a liability, he is not insured, he is breaking the law and will surely cost me more money and headache down the road.  It may seem like an extreme analogy but it's a valid one never the less.

Our agency will work with you.  We want to help you but you should be aware that it will cost you some money because it costs us money to help you.  Don't expect to be over charged or hit with outrageous costs but expect to pay for a service at the going rate within the industry.  Our investigators did not get into this business solely for the money.  In fact, remembering our early conversations when discussing opening the company, most of us were talking about our talents, background, skills, experience and sincere interest in being a productive team that provided honest and top notch customer service. We have achieved that. We stand behind that, take pride in that, and use that as our motivator.  We are doing what we love and we are among the best that do it.  Is it free?  No.  Is it reasonable?  No question.  We understand the cost concerns to our clients but we believe in open doors and straight forward conversations.  Contact us and see that for yourself.  Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC - leading you to the answers.

Indiana & Ohio Infidelity - Cheating Spouse Investigations

Chances are that if you suspect your wife or husband is cheating on you, he/she probably is. But before you call your lawyer or if you think you're just being paranoid, check out the top signs of a cheating spouse. The private investigators at Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC specialize in infidelity work and have helped hundreds of clients throughout Indiana and Ohio.

Possible Warning Signs:

1. Working a lot of overtime?
2. Excessive use of the internet?
3. Unaccountable hours?
4. Hiding the cell/house phone bill?
5. Being told, "It's your imagination."
6. Receiving hang up phone calls?
7. No longer interested in sex?
8. No longer wearing a wedding ring?
9. New sexual techniques?
10. Being told,  "I need my space."

Infidelity is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. The embarrassment, fear and betrayal can be overwhelming. Worse yet is not knowing if your spouse or partner is cheating on you. Even the prospect of a husband or wife being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive to your life.

Our investigators understand what you are going through and are committed to helping clients like you with these issues. It is our goal to provide you with the proof you need, and a sense of closure to your infidelity issues. We know that you need a private investigator to get you proof of infidelity or adultery so that you can move forward with your life, and we are here for you.

Frequently, prospective clients are worried about confidentially. You have our complete assurance that your case will be completely confidential, including our free consultation with one of our Indiana/Ohio cheating spouse investigators that specialize in infidelity, spousal investigation, and surveillance.  We are even willing to discuss your case without knowing who you are until you are comfortable that we can help.  Whether you are the husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you deserve to know if your partner is cheating or not telling you the truth. Our infidelity investigators can help you get the proof and peace of mind you need to move forward with your life.  Our cheating spouse investigators have helped clients throughtout Indiana and Ohio, including residents in Indianapolis and Cincinnati.  Feel free to contact us to discuss how one of our cheating spouse private investigators can discreetly, accurately and affordably undertake your case.

November 5, 2010

Cheating Spouse Quiz - Indianapolis & Cincinnati Private Investigators

Sometimes people in a marriage deliberately refuse to face the truth, especially if they are getting mixed signals that their spouses are cheating. People act a certain way, and show some degree of guilt when they have been doing something they are not supposed to be doing. If you are still iffy about the secretiveness and the sudden change your spouse's lifestyle patterns and overall attitude, take the ultimate five-point cheating spouse quiz.

A - Always   B - Sometimes   C - Rarely   D - Never

  1. Does he or she change clothes often and is suddenly obsessed about physical appearance?
  2. Does he or she become overly secretive and defensive over credit card, phone bills, wallets, phones and underwear drawers?
  3. Has he or she been spending more time at the office, saying he is working late or having late client dinners?
  4. Has your once sizzling sex life been reduced to cold, mechanical sex that occurs once in a blue moon?
  5. Does he or she become overly possessive, accusatory and picks fights out of impulse and then storms out of the house?

If you have answered mostly A and B, you are living with a cheater. Observe your spouse's hygiene habits carefully. They may be wearing the cologne/perfume you gave them before they leave for work in the morning, then come home smelling of something completely different. Cheating spouses hide away bills that contain information such as frequently dialed numbers, or credit card bills that reveal gifts, dinner dates and hotel bills you did not even know about. Guilty spouses hide away fancy lingerie or underwear (that they don't normally wear), and condoms (which they do not normally use with you).

Why has he or she been staying up late to work, when you discover from his or her colleagues that they have not? If your spouse is cheating on you, they will most likely not want to have sex with you, out of guilt that they may be being unfaithful to their significant others. Cheating spouses become accusatory and question your faithfulness to them out of subconscious guilt. (They are doing it, so they know you could be doing it too.) Also, they deliberately make a fuss out of anything and everything so they can have an excuse to get out of the house to talk to or see their significant other.

Although this cheating spouse quiz works 99% of the time, it is still a good idea to confront your spouse non-judgmentally, and if it is still denial, you will have to resort to more definitive measures to catch him or her off guard, such as hiring an private investigator.
Did you take this cheating spouse quiz and realize you might be living with a cheater? The best thing you can do right now is get evidence and proof before you confront your spouse. Here is what you need to do today - contact our agency and schedule a free consultation with one of our investigators.

Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC is a licensed private investigation agency serving clients throughout Indiana and Ohio.  We specialize in domestic infidelity cases and provide our clients the answers they deserve.  "The Truth Begins Here".

November 2, 2010

Indiana/Ohio Private Investigation Agency Offers Clients High-Definition Surveillance Video

Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC, a private investigative firm with offices in Indianapolis and Cincinnati, continues to be at the cutting edge of technology in the private investigation industry. Frontline Investigations is proud to be one of the few companies in the entire United States to offer clients surveillance video in high definition.  We take our video quality very seriously - we don’t just state that we are the leaders in the private investigative industry, we prove it every day.

Another feature our agency has added is the ability for our clients to view surveillance video a few hours after their case has been worked.  We are able to upload surveillance video onto a secure case management system and after being provided a username and password, our clients are able to view the video from the privacy of their own computer.  The video is embedded and ready to watch - they just hit "Play".  It's only natural for our clients to want to see the video as soon as possible. This service also comes in handy when we have clients from other states or even other countries. We recently had a client in London who was able to watch the surveillance video of her cheating spouse within two hours of it taking place.

The video clarity of high definition video is stunning to say the least and our clients are benefiting from this technology each and everyday we do surveillance investigations.  No more grainy-looking, compressed, standard definition videos. No more staring at a video for 10 minutes wondering who was being filmed.  Those days are over. Its extremely important to us to be able to give our clients the absolute best product available. We don’t take any short cuts here. We offer services that are unequaled in the private investigative industry.

With over 30 years of investigative experience, our highly qualified and experienced team of private investigators will get you the results you need.  Frontline Investigations takes great pride in giving our clients the most personable and hands-on investigative service available throughout Indiana and Ohio.

For more information, please contact us through our website or call (800) 975-7130 to schedule a free consultation with a private investigator regarding your case.